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Penelope the Pineapplefish

Penelope has small fins and rigid armor so she doesn’t swim so well. But she is taking swim lessons and hoping to get better!

Did you know?
The pineapplefish has light organs on her armor-like scales to help find food and communicate with other pineapplefish. Penelope basically has her own built-in reading light.

Penelope’s Design
Penelope is blanket soft, easy on the eyes and wacky as can be (in a good way)! Penelope is an original design and was created with premium, child-friendly and high density plus material so she could be the softest, cuddliest and most high-quality plush toy out there.

  • Size: 10 cm tall, 9 cm wide, 16 cm long
  • Weight: 57 g
  • Tested against and passed ASTM requirements.